3D origami lemon (tutorial, instructions)

Video description

We show how to make lemon out of paper 3D origami. Lemon, which you can to make on this video circuit assembly (video tutorial) very beautiful and almost like real! So real, that it is sometimes desirable to eat :) This model of origami triangles can make a beginner.

We need to assemble slice of watermelon 128 pieces (triangles).

We need:

96 dark yellow,16 white and 16 yellow triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

All ranks will be 16 pieces in each.

1st row: yellow, short edge up

2nd row: white

Third row: dark yellow

Make another 5 rows of dark yellow

And now you know how to make paper lemon in the art Chinese modular origami (3D origami). Use this video as master class for the assembly lemon.

Also see how to make others 3D origami